Cedar Cove Resort

2006 Breckenridge Park Model with a den and screened-in hard top porch. Beautiful fire pit. Full sized appliances. Located at site A29.
Listed at $26,500.

2007 43ft Northlander Eclipse.
One bedroom with great living area. Perfect for a couple. Views of the lake are breathtaking. Listed at $25,500.00.

Located on D07

Previously Enjoyed Trailers

2003 Northlander Park Model with den.
2 bedrooms, hard top screened in porch and a beautiful fire pit!!
Full sized appliances.
Listed at $19,000.00 
‚ÄčLocated at site H16

If you are interested in becoming a Seasonal Guest, buying a previously enjoyed trailer is an easy way to do it! 
Please contact Wes at wespugh@cedarcove.ca to arrange for an appointment.

2010 32ft Jayco with bunk house.
Located on a corner lot. Screen in porch with hard top. Huge shed in the back and good size parking. Listed at $32,000. Site K08

2006 Breckenridge Park model with and 3 season add-a-room.

Extra deck for your BBQ. Nice lot.  Full size appliances. Located at site A23.  Listed at $29,900