Cedar Cove Resort


Cedar Cove Resort

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*If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please call us at (613)-623-3133 or email us at vacation@cedarcove.com*

Looking to become a Seasonal Guest? 

If your looking on becoming a seasonal guest of Cedar Cove resort, click on the link below. This link will take you to our "Seasonal Guest" brochure that will give you the terms and conditions that apply to becoming part of this wonderful community.


The Echo is a news letter Cedar Cove Resort produces to keep everyone informed and up to date on everything going on around the Cove. 


The RECHO is published for the kids of Cedar Cove. The RECHO will keep them up to date with all of the events and activities planned throughout the summer.  

Seasonal Camping

Seasonal Camping is the mainstay of Cedar Cove Resort. Our guests are the most dedicated campers around and they prove it day in and day out.  Take a stroll down the stree​ts of Cedar Cove and you'll see that Cedar Cove is a flourishing community with people from every background. Our guests are continually putting on events for children and adults; like bocce ball, volleyball, fish fries, potlucks and much much more.