Cedar Cove Resort

June 1st 2018

This month is an exciting one!
We are getting into the swing of things, preparing ourselves for the Peak Season!
The docks are finally complete and ready for your boat!
If you do not know your dock number or think that you may be in the wrong slip, please call 613-623-3133 or email Kayla at vacation@cedarcove.ca.
Remember that by today, June 1st,  your site should be cleaned up, your boat off of your site, and your boat trailer at the back of the park in the designated area!

We are aware that Cedar Cove Resort is temporarily home to an abundance of tent caterpillars/army worms.
Not to worry though!
Although these little critters may creep some folks out, they are completely harmless.
These caterpillars have a ten year long cycle, ending in a population surge (what we are experiencing these past two years) that can last up to five years.
Unfortunately the only thing that we can do is ride out this natural cycle, and hope that Mother Nature makes this cycle a short one!
Other than that, we will continue to focus on the positives and enjoy the nice warm weather that has finally come our way!



An important letter was emailed out to all of our Seasonal Guests in April.
Those who did not have an email address on file were sent a hard copy to the address we have on file.
If you did not receive this email, please email vacation@cedarcove.ca with your name and site number so that we may put your correct current email address on file.

‚ÄčThe fire ban has been lifted! Enjoy your long weekend!!!

If you change your mailing address, phone number or email address. Please let Reception know, so that we can keep your file up to date!

We love our Seasonal Guests and we want to keep you informed!

This page is for our current Seasonal Guests to look at and see important information about what's happening in the park!