Cedar Cove Resort



We love our Seasonal Guests and we want to keep you informed!

This page is for our current Seasonal Guests to look at and see important information about what's happening in the park!

April 6 2018
Seasonal Guests!

The weather is going to warm up soon, right?
We are eager to get the 2018 season started, and we are sure that you are too!

We are hoping, as always, to have the water on by May 1st 🤞
As long as our good friend, Mother Nature, cooperates with us!
Key Fobs will also be renewed for May 1st.
The Wash House will also become available at this time.

You are able to come to check on your trailer any time, we are currently in the office Friday-Sunday weekly.
If we are not in the office when you visit, guests must park at the lodge and walk to the site.