Cedar Cove Resort

October 12 2018

The process of turning the water off and winterizing the trailers is about to be underway. 

A reminder to all of our guests that the water will be turned off October 15th this year.
In the future, the water will always be turned off on October 15th (or the first Monday after October 15th).

All key fobs will automatically expire on November 1st, and will automatically renew around May 1st 2019.

We sincerely hope that all of our Seasonal Guests, both seasoned and new, have a wonderful remainder of the Fall, and have a wonderful Winter and New Years.

From the Owners and Staff of Cedar Cove Resort, thank you for another incredible season!!




In the case of a power outage, there are a few things we would like our guests to be aware of:

1- When the power goes out, Reception/The Lakeside Grill/The Store all have access to the generator beside the lodge. this mean that you are able to purchase ice and other necessities from The Store, and come in for a meal at The Lakeside Grill!

2-During a power outage, most times our internet and debit/credit machines go down and are unusable. If this is the case, we are only able to accept cash as form of payment.

3- PLEASE USE WATER SPARINGLY! This is a very important point!
Our water system is run by electricity, so please do not be putting a lot of water down your drains or toilets when possible. The water will run into our septic system, but will not be able to run through the system. This has the potential to cause back ups, and nobody wants that!!

4- During a power outage, please do not use or try to gain access to the WASH HOUSE! The Wash house will be locked immediately after we lose power, as this facility is not connected to the generator at the lodge, meaning that there will be no lights and no ability to flush toilets.  During this time, the POOL WASHROOM will remain open 24/7 for your convenience until the power returns.

5- During a power outage, our phone at Reception (613-623-3133) may become unavailable, so you would be unable to reach us at the lodge by phone. The Emergency number for Cedar Cove Resort is 613-859-COVE (2683). IN EXTREME EMERGENCIES CALL 911 RIGHT AWAY!
If there is ever a time that you call 911, please let Reception know if possible. Emergency vehicles have permission to break the entrance gate, but if Reception is aware that an emergency vehicle is coming, we will be able to guide them to the correct site right away.

6- If we experience a power outage, and are also in a fire ban, you are still not permitted to have a fire for any reason, even for cooking. This is dangerous, as we would not have running water if the worst should happen.   

We hope that the power stays on all Summer long, but Mother Nature is in control and you can never be too prepared!!

72 hour Emergency Preparedness Kit
We highly recommend making your own emergency preparedness kit to keep stored at your site in case of power failure and emergency situations.
Here is a list of things that you can put in your kit, and add your own items as well!

. Water (2L per person per day)

. Hygienic products (face/hands/body/women's products)

. Unscented candles/emergency candles

. Cash

. Manual can opener

. First Aid Kit

. Non Perishables (canned or other)

. Flash lights and batteries

. Matches

. Portable external batteries for small devices

. Blankets

. Medication (IBU profin, aspirin, acetaminophen)

Cedar Cove Resort has a fully stocked First Aid kit and several Epipens in the Reception area.
Cedar Cove Resort always has at least 1 staff member working who is trained in CPR and First Aid.

There is currently NO FIRE BAN in effect right now.

If you change your mailing address, phone number or email address please let Reception know, so that we can keep your file up to date!

We love our Seasonal Guests and we want to keep you informed!

This page is for our current Seasonal Guests to look at and see important information about what's happening in the park!